What is music for the environment? And what touched me to write songs about earth and water?

I am a singer and songwriter from Hamburg and I would like to create an awareness of sustainability with my music. For some years I have been dealing with environmental issues that I have been confronted with during my travels and last but not least, these topics caught up with me in Germany as well. I find that too few people are fully informed and would like to communicate my impressions and results with music and make them think on an emotional level.

With sensitive music and lyrics, I work with several musicians in different genres. The lyrics are initially written in English. However, German and Spanish lyrics are planned, in order to reach as many people as possible.


After returning from Mexico I wrote and recorded my first song “I am Sorry”. The Song won a Radio Hamburg-Voting, the click-hit of the hour and my song was played one week after completion on the most heard station of the city.

Two weeks later I performed in the Vienna Hofburg as part of the exhibition „Travel Salon“. Afterwards I made my decision to further work on this music project. 

By the way, you can listen to the first song here on my website in Audio. There you will also find the lyrics. 

Due to a crowdfunding campaign that ran from August to September 2016, I managed to find my first important supporters for the music project. Although we did not crack the hundred percent threshold, the backers supported me beyond the campaign. In September I had already produced my first single with 2 songs in Hamburgs Elevate Studios. Now the CD is ready and available in my online shop as a CD or as a DOWNLOAD.


I start with the single, which includes my first song, “I am Sorry” and a brand new song “Artificial Paradise”, which refers to the pollution of the oceans.

I am planning the music video for this song, because it is very important to accompany the music with relevant pictures. Also for that I will need financial support. 

Also an EP (Extended Play, a half album with 4 new songs), which in turn will be funded by the single’s revenue and further support, is in planning. 

I would be very happy if you would like to support me in the realization of my project.

Financial contributions can be made on the website at any time. For cooperation with companies or donations and grants please write an e-mail.

Many Thanks!

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